Thursday, April 21, 2016

Support needed for bonding for Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program

On behalf of the CREP Coalition, please see the following important Action Alert!

Please contact your legislators and encourage a bonding bill at the level which was proposed by the Governor. It is crucial to meet the needs of the state.  As you know these include critical environmental projects.

Talking points for Bonding Proposal

CREP Specific -
1.        Minnesota submitted a CREP proposal in early December to USDA (through Governor Dayton)
           ·      Calls for up to:  100,000 acres/over 5 years/$795 million (with a minimum of $161M state contribution).
           ·      Practices include buffer filter strips, wetland restoration, and wellhead protection for drinking water.
2.       Legislative support of $30M or larger for RIM in the Bonding Bill is key to leverage federal dollars and ensure the CREP will be successful.
3.       Why Now:

            ·      We have the science done (the studies show where the water quality and habitat problems are and what solutions are needed).

            ·      We are targeting the most critical acres (we are securing CRP and State RIM easements where it matters most) and practices to ensure long-term protection.

 4.       Economic Impact:

·         Based on an USDA economic assessment, $30 million of State RIM funding would create or maintain 280 jobs.

5.       The partnership is key

·         We’ve got ready, willing, and able landowners (and high demand for this program).

·         We have local technical staff and partners ready to make the CREP work.

·         This local/state/federal partnership will deliver long-term public benefits and cost-savings while providing agricultural producers with reasonable payment for the use of their land.

Please call or email your legislators now!  The discussions and decisions for the bonding bill are happening!