Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Minnesota River Questionnaire

Minnesota River Congress past participants and interested parties:  Please take a few moments and help us to go forward as we move into defined and refined actions.  Your answers will help assess current actions and identify needs and missing activities.  Feel free to share with others.  Email or send hard copy to: Questionnaire PO Box 488 New Ulm MN 56072

Minnesota River Congress
Interest Network Team Member Questionnaire
1.      What actions, interactions and/or activities have you personally been involved with that have a connection to water quantity, water quality or recreation in the Minnesota River System over the last year and a half?  Such as:  I worked with a land owner on planning and implementing a bio-reactor project.  I organized and conducted a meeting of new individuals interested in kayaking and canoeing on our area rivers.  I helped to raise public awareness of current river system conditions at a public meeting as one of the facilitators.      (Be as specific as you need to be, but try to be succinct also.  Use a separate sheet of paper if needed to fully answer all the questions)

2.      What plans for future actions, interactions and/or activities are you working on?  Where are, they located?

3.      Are there actions you could use assistance or support for?  If so, are there specific actions you feel one or more of our Interest Network Team members would be able to assist with?

4.       If yes, and if you are you willing to share what those actions are and what would they specifically involve, then would you please share the details with us, so our Liaisons and team leaders can facilitate and foster assistance and communications to help you accomplish those varied actions.

5.    What challenges if any have you experienced?

6.    What has expedited your progress?

Friday, February 24, 2017

Join Us in Minnesota River Action: Get Involved with Interest Network Teams!

We are moving forward with our Interest Network Teams, If you or anyone you know is interested in participating on one of our 9 teams contact and we will insert you into your interest area. Each team communicates electronically to accomplish actions and talents are many and diverse on each team. Join us in Minnesota River action.

Interest Network Teams (Pick a team that fits your interest) 1. Public Policy 2. Resource Conservation 3. Communications 4. Education 5. Recreation 6. Civic Engagement 7. Financial Resources 8. Partnerships and Outreach 9. Programs and Initiatives

Friday, February 03, 2017

Mark your calendars for May 18! (Rescheduled from April 27)

Our next full congress meeting open to the public will be on Thursday May 18 (rescheduled from April 27 due to spring planting).  Yes, it's almost 3 months away but now is the time to set the date on your calendars for that afternoon and evening.  We have a lot of special things in store for everyone.  Much more info to follow.