Thursday, February 16, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions about the Minnesota River Watershed Alliance

Q: Who can join the Alliance?
A: Anyone who lives or works in the Minnesota River Watershed who wants to work with others to see the Minnesota River Watershed get clean, stay scenic and support a diversity of life.. How is the Alliance funded? Right now we are passing the hat and taking up a collection. We don’t want to get into turf wars about money. This is a volunteer driven effort. If you or your organization can kick in some funds to help pay for a facilitator, room rental, some refreshments, printing and postage, that would be great. Right now we’re raising funds as we go to put on this next meeting.

Q: How does the Alliance operate?
A: As an ad hoc, volunteer group of whoever shows up. No dues, no membership, no paid staff, no home office. We have multiple leaders from all over the watershed and we communicate through e-mail and a web-based bulletin board. We will have an action focus based as much as possible on a consent agenda devised by those who come to Alliance meetings. We plan to meet four times a year. The January 25th meeting was our fifth meeting since we began meeting in 2005. We have adopted an Alliance Agreement that spells out how we work together. You can get a copy faxed to you or e-mailed to you by calling 1-877-269-2873.

Q: Isn’t this a duplication of efforts?
A: Since when have we had an organization in the watershed that gives everyone who cares a voice, that meets at night so regular citizens can attend, has an action focus and doesn’t have a self-preservation agenda? If you know of one, let us know so we can invite them to this next meeting and learn how we join forces with them!