Thursday, February 15, 2007

Policy Letter Writing Protocol

The Minnesota River Watershed Alliance (Alliance) is a Volunteer, Loosely Organized, Action-Oriented Group of Watershed Advocates. Participation is open to Every Citizen, Landowner, Organization and Agency in the Minnesota River Watershed.

· If an individual or organization is interested in having a policy letter sent by the Alliance it needs to be submitted to the communications coordinator two weeks prior to the next quarterly meeting.

· Due to time constraints the policy letter will be e-mailed to the participants of the Alliance for their review prior to the quarterly meeting.

· Alliance participants will vote at the quarterly meeting on whether to approve, modify or deny the policy letter. A 75% majority of participants at the quarterly meeting is required for the Alliance to take action on any issue.

· If a policy letter needs an expedited turn around, it will be reviewed and acted upon by the coordinating team of the Alliance. A copy of the letter will be posted on this Alliance web site:

· Reviewed and approved policy letters will be sent out by the communication coordinator utilizing the Alliance letterhead.