Friday, November 12, 2010

Minnesota River Watershed Alliance Communication Survey - please take the survey!

Please see the previous blog post for some background on the survey.

Survey Instructions:

There are 21 multiple choice questions on the survey. The form can be completed electronically by copying the questions into your word processing software, using the highlight tool on your computer and emailing the document to Jenny Gieseke [jennygieseke (at) gmail (dot) com], or by printing the survey out, circling your answers and scanning and emailing the document back to Jenny. If you cannot submit the document electronically you can mail it to Jenny. In order to complete this project on time, Jenny is requesting that surveys be completed and returned to Jenny by November 15, 2010. All responses will be confidential.

Please return completed surveys to jennygieseke (at) gmail (dot) com or mail to: Jenny Gieseke

40322 541st Ave
New Ulm, MN 56073

1.) What is your affiliation with the Minnesota River Watershed Alliance?

NPO    Government Org     Citizen     Farmer      Other ________

2.) Are you a current member of the Coordinating Team?

Yes   No

3.) Are you a former member of the Coordinating Team?

Yes    No

4.) How long have you been active in The Alliance?

1 year or less         2-3 years          more than 3 years

5.) How many quarterly Alliance meetings have you attended in the past year?

0      1      2      3      4

6.) How did you receive notice of the meetings you attended? Circle all that apply.

Phone call        Personal email           list serv generated email             River Talk

Minnesota River Weekly Update            Web Site          other __________

7.) How many smaller group meetings have you attended in the past year to work on Alliance related projects or issues?

0     1     2     3     4     5    6    7     8     8 +

8.) How did you receive notice of those meetings?

Phone call      Personal email         list serv generated email          River Talk

Minnesota River Weekly Update              Web Site         other ______________

9.) Do you receive the River Talk Newsletter? Do you read it?

Yes No                                                           Yes No

10.) What format would you prefer to see the newsletter in?

Electronic           hard copy              posted on website

11.) What features of River Talk do you enjoy the most? (Circle or highlight all that apply)

Reflections          Organizational Spotlight         What’s Happening

River Ramblings            Water Quality Features

12.) Do you receive the Minnesota River Basin Weekly Updates? Do you read them?

Yes No                                                                                         Yes No

13.) Which features of the weekly updates do you find most useful?

Event notices          job opportunities          environmental article links            other_________

14.) How often do you visit the Alliance website?

Weekly          twice a month        monthly      quarterly         never

15.) Which features of the website do you find most useful?

Meeting notes         meeting announcements       calendar         alliance info

Links             other

16.) How often do you receive list serve generated notices and emails?

Weekly      twice a month         monthly         quarterly       never

17.) How often do you read the notices and emails?

Every time      most of the time      sometimes      rarely     never

18.) How often do you post messages or respond to list serv messages?

Rarely      weekly     twice a month       monthly      quarterly      never

19.) How often do you contact other members of the Alliance in regard to Alliance activities?

Daily     weekly      twice a month     monthly      quarterly     rarely

20.) Which methods do you use most often to contact other alliance members?

Face to face     phone call     personal email         list serv

21.) For each communication channel listed below, please circle or highlight the number that best represents the amount of information you receive now, and the amount of information that you feel need to receive.

Key for Scoring Items: VERY LITTLE = VL (1); LITTLE = L (2); SOME = S (3);
GREAT = G (4); VERY GREAT = VG (5)

Amount of information I receive now             Amount of information I would like to receive

Communication Channel VL L S G VG         VL L S G VG

Face to Face                   1 2 3 4 5                1 2 3 4 5

Phone                              1 2 3 4 5                1 2 3 4 5

Personal Email                 1 2 3 4 5                1 2 3 4 5

Listserv                            1 2 3 4 5                1 2 3 4 5

River Talk                        1 2 3 4 5                1 2 3 4 5

Weekly Update                1 2 3 4 5                1 2 3 4 5

Web site                           1 2 3 4 5                1 2 3 4 5