Wednesday, January 09, 2013

January 15, 2013 Meeting Announcement

Tuesday January 15, 2013
6 – 9 p.m.

Southwest Initiative Foundation, 15 Third Avenue NW, Hutchinson (new location)

On the Agenda for This Quarter’s Meeting:

1.    Set Priorities for the Coming Year

2.    Review the Pre –Application for the Minnesota River National Blueways Nomination.

3.    Sign your name or your organization’s name to the cover letter that will accompany the Pre-application.

Everyone Welcome! 

Please come and bring a friend.

Meeting Starts at 6 p.m. with Food and Socializing.  Bring something to share.

About The Minnesota River Watershed Alliance:

The Alliance is a network of citizens, public agencies and private organizations that communicate the benefits of an ecologically healthy Minnesota River Watershed to others and who actively work toward its improvement and protection.

Q: Who can join the Alliance?
A: Anyone who lives or works in the Minnesota River Watershed who wants to work with others to see the Minnesota River Watershed get clean, stay scenic and support a diversity of life.

Q: How does the Alliance operate?
A: As an ad hoc, volunteer group of whoever shows up. No dues, no membership, no paid staff, no home office. We have multiple leaders from all over the watershed and we communicate through e-mail and a web-based bulletin board. We will have an action focus based as much as possible on a consent agenda devised by those who come to Alliance meetings.

Our vision for the Minnesota River Watershed is an engaged citizenry and an informed network of decision makers who take action to bring about a vibrant prairie lakes and rivers environment for the people who live and work in the Minnesota River Watershed. We envision a future for the Watershed where the economics of the region are balanced with restoration and enhancement of its natural resources, benefiting current and future generations – down to the Seventh Generation.

Q:  What is this National Blueways Nomination all about?

A:  See the previous post!