Sunday, September 25, 2016

Resolution Submission Deadline October 6, 2016

To all persons interested in the Minnesota River Congress Public Policy Agenda process

Resolution Submission Deadline October 6, 2016

If you wish to submit a Public Policy agenda resolution and have that resolution included in the pre-congress distribution, you must submit that resolution by email to Scott Sparlin at no later than OCtober 6, 2016.

All resolutions must include the name of the person submitting the resolution as well as a phone number or email address which will be published with the resolution in the pre congress distribution. This will permit the Public Policy Team or others to contact the author with questions. 

The Minnesota River Congress Public Policy agenda process has now completed another stage. Six area meetings have been held and a significant number of resolutions have been submitted for consideration at the November 17Minnesota River Congress meeting in Mankato. In addition, many great ideas were raised at those meetings, those ideas wee discussed, and the individuals who raised the ideas were encouraged to draft and submit a finished resolution. 

Resolutions will be accepted from the floor of the congress, but only after all pre-submitted resolutions are discussed and voted upon. 

The Public Policy Team will organize the resolutions, possibly combine similar resolutions, and distribute a packet of all resolutions prior to the congress meeting on November 17

All resolutions will be forwarded to the congress for action.

Thank you to all for participating in this process up to this point.

Ted L. Suss